Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Part Weekend: Part I

Family Time
I don't get to see the Jensen Clan very much but Weston and I went down for the weekend and spent some quality time down on the farm with the family.

The Boys Playing Around

Catching The Fugitive Goat

Playing with the new PUPPIES!

Aren't They So Cute?

Three Part Weekend: Part II


My cousin Cheryl was married this weekend to her new love Blair (September 19th). It was an outdoor wedding and the weather was perfect.... Well at least for the ceremony. So we would also like to say CONGRATS to the newest Anderson Family.

Aunt Peggy, Aunt Jacque, and Aunt Betty enjoying the event

Casey and Joni Thomas (recent newlyweds)

Wes and I were remembering how happy we were that we are done with that day

Three Part Weekend: Part III

Happy 52nd Anniversary to my Grandma and Grandpa Jensen!!!!!

We should all try to learn the secret of success!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Updated

On September 11th, Wendy and Charlie came in town to go to wedding and the Riet family got together and enjoyed an evening at Thanksgiving Point. We enjoyed the Farmer's market, Dinosaur Museum, and then had some Ice Cream treats.

Grandpa and Grandma RietGrandpa lost in the paleontologist shackWeston and I searching for bonesWilkinson Family (Charlie, Wendy, Jake, and Brooks
Me and the boys

Brendall And TaylorWeston and his best friend BrooksMe, Kimmie, and Brendall

We also want to say good job and congratulations to Raeleigh for getting baptized and taking the first big step in many more to come.

Also good job to my hubby and my cousin casey. They spent the last part of the baptism getting all the balloons that the kids let go off of the ceiling.