Monday, May 11, 2009

Down on the farm

Farming day,

So I made Weston go down to the farm on Saturday and fulfil his duty of being a cowboy. He did so well and even my dad was impressed (which is a big deal). He pushed cows all day and didn't even complain. He even had a few precious little calves "release" themselves on him and he was extremely dirty. Annalee and Buck Ashby came down to help us out, mostly because Buck was so excited to get on a farm that Annalee had to give in to him. Buck had a perma smile on his face all day and Annalee could not stop staring as they castrated to poor boy cows.

We did have a good time and we had a bonding experience with my dad, Wendy (his new wife), Hayden, and Garret (my little brothers).

We have only been married for a a month and a half, but I thought that it was long enough for him to go and get beaten up a little bit.
Now the city boy has a little country in his soul.