Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Remembering

So I pretty much haven't done anything for December so I am going to make one big blog about it!
First off we went to Vegas to watch Weston and the Griffins Play Ball. They ended up winning both games.

Mark, Jaron and I in line for the rollercoaster

Enjoying the art

Bellagio at night

Friend Christmas Party. So good to see everyone and congrats to all the ones who are expecting. We had a pretty good time catching up and exchanging gifts. It was a big surprise that we all found time to get together after so long. And Niesha even found the house after being lost for 45 minutes

On Christmas Eve we spent the day with the Riet family. I got to know Brendall's pet lizard who kept staring at me like it was going to kill me

.Rocking out
Grandma and Grandpa Riet trying to figure out what is so fun about Rock Band
Jeff playing the tough guy
Me and My Aunt Kimmie!

After going to the Riet's we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house and spent Christmas Eve night with them (Mom and Dad Anderson)

Kenzie and Jaron
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson (Nicest people you will ever meet!)

It was our first Christmas morning together and we had a fabulous time. Weston was spoiled with lots of new things to wear and the only thing that he really wanted.... COMCAST
New purple Vans

I happened to get the only thing that I really needed.... A heat dish. I also got a new snowboard! Now I just have to get up there.
Libby spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas day with us

Our first stop was Grandma Riet's house Christmas morning

Mom Opening presents

Afterwards we stopped by the Anderson's
Vicki loving her chapstick
Us both getting gifts that would lead up to our new grill that we received. Now Wes will feel really manly!

Mark and Jaron
Mom and daughter

Next it was 2 hours down to Sanpete to Visit the Jensen Family. Hayden got a Spongebob puzzle that we all had to put together

Boys opening our gifts
Wendy in her new glider that we got her.

Christmas was super bueno this year. The next day we went to Delta and spent the day with Wendy Jo's family. As much fun as we had we were both pretty tired afterward but both know how lucky we are to have so many that love us.