Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friends of the week!

We have some of the greatest friends in the world and we were able to spend a great weekend with them. On Saturday we had a friendly BBQ with our new grill

The Ereksons joined us
With Katie and Ericka
Fa and Kelsey

The cute boys, Sto, Blair and my love Weston
Virginia and I

On Friday night we got crazy and hit up the bowling lanes. Virginia beat us all but we still looked good
Boys think they are so funny
Our group!

We actually are funny

Cody and Whit RoseboroughVirginia and Blair (almost Prowse-Scott)
Thursday night I was able to go to dinner with my dear friend Darcy who I miss so super much
Me and the blonde team. Darcy, me, Katie, Kelsey, Ericka