Monday, April 25, 2011

"Happy Easter" 2011

I might have gone a little overboard on the pictures, but I think that my baby is the cutest thing ever and wanted to share my whole family with everyone! We had a wonderful Easter this year! We started out with a lazy Friday; Cooper was lucky enough to have naked Friday and sleep in mom and dad's bed after he woke up in the morning
Wes and Jack after a long, sleepless night.
The Jensen family was out camping for the holiday, even though it was cold and raining. We bundled Cooper up in his snowsuit and headed out anyways.
Grandpa Jensen with Cooper. It's rare that Grandma Jo let's anyone else hold Cooper when she is around!
Hanging out in the trailer

Weston showing off his shooting skills in the hills.
Garett and his 22
Hayden even got in on the action with a little help from dad

Cooper found one egg... He didn't seem to think that it was too exciting quite yet
Jack was terrified with all of the shooting. He ran into the trailer, under the covers and refused to come out.
After playing outside we went back to the house to color eggs

Sunday Morning the Easter Bunny found us at the Jensen house. Hayden helped Cooper open his basket

We said goodbye to the Jensen family and headed up to see the Anderson side. We got a great picture of four generations of Lewis Andersons!
The proud Anderson Grandparents
The whole Anderson Clan
Uncle Jaron
Braydon and his cute girlfriend Bre
Aunt Kenzie
Uncle Braydon
Libby and Jack actually got along long enough to lick a plate clean; that is a rare occasion.

After a long weekend, Cooper was ready to get in the bath and sleep in his crib

Thanks to our families for a great first Easter with our baby boy. We had so much fun and are so thankful that we are surrounded by so many people who love us.